80 human beings from all over the world have converged on the Songcamp server and committed to 8 weeks of collective creation. Of these 80 individuals: 45 are musicians, 9 visual artists, 6 engineers, 5 radio producers, 3 economists, 2 lore masters and 7 operatives gluing it all together.

The result: a headless band called Chaos, accompanied by a music nft project like you’ve never seen before.

We are CC0lab – a group of musicians, devs, artists, and rabble-rousers focused on bringing open-source music to the Web3 multiverse. Born from the Headless Chaos project, we’re now aiming our Chaotic creative energy towards creating fully public domain musical works to be used by any and everyone in their web3 journeys.

cornerclub is a collaboration over the internet between 9 introverted producers, artists, songwriters, singers, and mastering engineers located all over the world - from the US and Canada to Europe and India. Our debut mix/album, “Dance Music for Introverts, Vol 1.” explores the question, what would dance music sound like if it was made by and for introverts?

Read more about the inception of this idea from our Introverted Dance Music seeder Mark Redito here: https://mark.mirror.xyz/4skm3sD7xQT1e4QtYF4_pYOCzrp78YVCYG3r83mW-mc

This is a collaboration between RAWRA, Dontmesswithjuan and Rex Kalibur.
The tumultuous diaries of a human, a dialog with the inner voice.
Created for the Reveel x Decent competition.