What's the deal with the UNDERWEAR?
Hey everyone, it's me, "UNDERWEAR", I want to share with you the story behind my creative persona. You see, for over 20 years, I worked in and out of the fashion industry, and I poured my heart and soul into my designs and art. But when I showed my work to someone I really respected, their response was devastating - they basically told me that my work ain't worth shit and I should call it "UNDERWEAR".

At first, their comment hurt me deeply, but then it lit a fire under me. I realized that I had been trying so hard to fit into the conventional standards of success, that I had lost sight of my true self and creativity. So, I decided to embrace my quirks and imperfections and create something that truly reflected my authentic self.

That's when I came up with the idea of "UNDERWEAR" - a symbol of the baggage and stigma associated with the term, but also a call to action to WEAR YOUR INSIDE OUT and be proud of who you are. I believe that everyone should feel empowered to express themselves without fear of judgment or criticism.

Through my clothing designs, art, and shit-posting, I aim to mix pop culture with the message of "UNDERWEAR" and encourage others to join me in celebrating their authentic selves. It doesn't matter if you want to wear a pair of dirty underwear on your head or express yourself in any other unconventional way - as long as it makes you happy and reflects who you truly are.

So, let's roam the Metaverse with our flags and heads held high, and together, let's wear our inside out and show the world our true selves. Join me in the "UNDERWEAR" movement, and let's make a statement for self-expression and authenticity!