the i-wave mixtape projecta mixtape series for women/qpoc producers in web3
AGE: 34
Location: New York City
ABOUT iridescent wave
While web3 has brought great innovation & collaboration in music, it still too strongly resembles a status quo music industry that lacks support for women/queer artists.

There are still few music projects out there focused on featuring women / queer people of color, web3 or otherwise. i-wave was created to change that.

Since its inception in March 2021, iridescent wave has been a blogging platform doing the important work of featuring & interviewing great and often overlooked artists. To date, the blog has spotlighted 17 different artists, hosted an IRL queer garden party during NFT NYC, hosts a monthly video call artist meeting group, rocks a monthly playlist, and most recently, co-hosts a weekly Twitter space conversation focused on music + art: musemind conversations.

After a year and a half of blogging, collaborating, and producing non-stop, founder Celia Inside is ready to take iridescent wave to the next level: community mixtapes featuring rotating executive producers.
ABOUT the i-wave mixtape project
There are a few different producer communities doing great things in the web3 music space. Here's how the i-wave mixtape stands out:

  • One featured artist-producer will take the helm to create four tracks with source material (acapellas, whole songs, instrumentals, etc.) from the community of i-wave spotlighted artists. This means finished tracks could take the form of remixes or completely new tracks.
  • Songs will drop one at a time to ensure they all get the shine they deserve.

  • The majority of funds brought in will be split evenly amongst all artists who contributed to the tape; the rest will be split amongst all other past i-wave spotlighted artists, and iridescent wave.

  • i-wave founder Celia Inside will work with all contributors to create a multimedia rollout & drop.

  • All tracks will be dropped across streaming platforms/DSPs in tandem with web3 drops.

  • Overall: an ongoing mixtape project opportunity for women/qpoc artists to take part in, especially rising artist-producers.
There are several talented artist-producers in the greater i-wave community who could smash executive producing a 4- track mixtape. The challenge is not the music creation, but rather: how do we incentivize such a time & work-heavy role like that, and how do we secure the project's future?

We think and plan ahead. With $5000, for example, we could ensure at least the first five mixtapes have funding and promotion with any income & hype generated feeding back into the community.

With funding, we could hand out stipend incentives to each mixtape contributor, promote that work in web3 & beyond to ensure each mixtape's success, and remain an independent voice and source of creation in web3 music that fosters the development of women/qpoc in music.

If you want to support women/qpoc in music, this is your chance to vote for the i-wave mixtape project. Let's make history!
"how do we know you can pull this project off, Celia?"
Good question!

Here are my top three reasons why you should believe in me to project manage tf out of what could be an incredible ongoing project, opportunity, and inspiration to many, the i-wave mixtape project:

1. i-wave is still here!
While many web3 music companies, groups, and efforts have come & gone, iridescent wave has remained as a supportive platform for artists and also as a unique, independent voice in web3 music. I started it in spring of 2021 on my own, and to date, I don't rely on any conditional funding; this is a project from the heart that runs because I believe in the mission, and I only have plans to grow it more beautifully alongside other likeminded creators.

2. I'm a consistently active artist-producer in web3.
My credits include Dot’s recent web3 mixtape, Portal Mixtape 001 [Curated by Dot]; the recent CC0lab Mixtape Vol. 1, a side project from Songcamp community artists/producers; and I was just recently a member of the first ever Starter Packs web3 musician storytelling cohort led by Forrest Mortifee via Zora, Songcamp, and Bonfire.

As for outside of web3, I dropped my first super collab remix project in 2023 (I Insist: The Remixes) featuring the work of incredible fellow artists & producers, and I'm eager to do similar work via i-wave in web3 starting with the i-wave mixtape project!

3. This is almost two years in the making.
Great things take time to build. The vision for i-wave was always to function as a label of sorts -- a web3-based one that utilized the tools we have to make collaboration both inspiring and financially beneficial.

My music making, content creation, and collaboration skills are at an all-time high; the numbers, my overall output, and the music reflect that. I've been working up to this point for a long time; I'm finally in a place & pace where I can make fire music quickly as an artist, producer, or both, across genres and alongside other talented + driven up & comers, and actually make an impact upon release.

Here's some of my recent work:
ready to support women/qpoc artists in web3 music?


Anyone can vote on the Some Fund home page by going to the contest section and browsing through the artists' submissions or searching for their favorite artists.

You will need: to sign into & subscribe to somefund.xyz via wallet or e-mail. That’s it!

  1. Go to somefund.xyz. Scroll down to the white area of the page and on the right column, click “Sign In.”
  2. Sign in with either your wallet or e-mail address.
  3. Now, you must “Subscribe to Somefund” — click that white rounded ‘Subscribe’ button to complete this.
  4. You’re in! Click the pink ‘Submit Vote’ button. 
  5. In the search bar, enter “celia” or “celiainside” and my submission will appear. Click the black ‘Vote’ button.

This Somefund contest relies on votes, so I am asking you to take a moment to support this unique music project.

I'm asking you to support women/qpoc in music.

I'm asking you, as an iridescent wave spotlighted artist past or future, to support creating this paid opportunity for artists like you.

I'm asking you as a music fan to support creating this paid opportunity for artists you love and want to support in a meaningful way.

I'm asking you as a web3 citizen in general to use your vote to support the underdogs instead of the already connected.

Join the movement!!!

And hit me if you have any questions!!!

xo C
celia inside
celia inside