Welcome to the Portugal The Man Archives
PTM has been playing concerts for a long time.  The count is close to 1800 shows with countless more radio sessions, pop-up shows, takeaways, etc.  Some of them are great and some of them not so great but each one is unique to that evening.  As the slogan says, there are no computers up there, just a band playing real instruments.  Just a band and the audience sharing something special that evening.  Over the past few years, many of you have contributed to this archive, but it would never have come together without the diligence of a few people, Chris Haats, Josh Grant, and Kevin Kerney (so, if you see them on the boards, thank them).
The goal is that you and the band continue to seed these archives and it grows to the community’s benefit
The Archive is not public but it is really not all that private either.  We ask that you respect everyone, don’t be an asshole, don’t be a pirate, and don’t be a thief.  Pretty simple
 Access to the Archive and the community is granted to anyone who holds a minimum of one $PTM.
Don’t have any or need more?  Go HERE
If you have any notes or feedback, notice some mislabeling or have more music to seed send us an email.