From concept demos to finalized mastered productions
by collecting a [D3M0] you join XTincT on his creative journey
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Demos are conceptual songs created by XTincT, by collecting a demo you join the music tracks journey from start to finish.
How do I claim/receive new tokens???
As a holder you can collect art from the designated collection page found on this page up top, or the art/music would be airdropped for holding the demo. check music nfts description for more info, check back pages above or subscribe to email list for updates.
How does minting/holding a demo assist XTincT?
as a holder of a [D3M0] all funds from mints go towards further development of the production cost for visual & audio productions of each [D3M0] found above.
What other utilities come with demoz???
as a holder of a demo to the time the demo transitions into a finalized record collectors receive executive production credits, credits will also be printed on physical copies of the cd/tape/vinyl packaging. early holders will also be included in the snap shot for an airdrop for a handrawn 1/1 collection by XTincT, and collab drops [TBA].