Cruz CreationsAn art studio for everyone. A place that sparks curiosity & joy. A community built with creativity & connection.
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Hey there! My name is Erica Cruz (28) & I'm an LA Filipina artist that's guided by curiosity & joy and anchored with gratitude & grace. I'm currently best known for my large scale abstract paintings & ceramics collections. But I'd like to think I'm defined as "an artist with many seasons." With every changing season, my core mission is to stay true to myself and artistic vision.

My art is a testament to the idea that creative expression knows no boundaries or limitations. It is an embodiment of the spirit that encourages us all to chase after our dreams relentlessly and nourish the flames that burn within. Through my work, I hope to inspire others to embrace their own creative journeys with passion and fearlessness!
During the pandemic, I began painting again just for the sheer joy of it. The responses from friends when I shared my sketches on Instagram was overwhelming, and thus, Cruz Creations was born! Around the same time, I had an epiphany - an “if not now, when?” moment and made the decision to move across the country from NJ to LA. California became my blank canvas, and I watered it with love and dedication. Over time, I witnessed myself fully embracing the artist within me supported by my family, friends, and community. 

A week before Thanksgiving 2022, I found myself unexpectedly laid off from my corporate job. Instead of feeling devastated, I repositioned how I viewed this moment and it wasn’t a tragedy that happened TO me, but more so an opportunity that happened FOR me. For months leading up to the layoff, a deep yearning had been brewing inside me — a strong desire to become a full-time artist. I couldn’t shake the belief that I had somehow manifested this opportunity for myself. It was as though the universe had conspired to push me toward my dreams, igniting the fire in my soul and urging me to take a leap of faith in myself.

Celebrating a little over 1 year of being a full-time artist I'm grateful for every person who's been part of my journey so far!
Cruz Creations Art Studio - a place to create, connect and collaborate. It's a first-of-it's kind art studio space that's multifunctional:

  • Host Workshops: A variety of art classes will be offered to kids and adults of all ages! These workshops range from pottery wheel-throwing and hand-building, painting, candle-making, jewelry making, and so much more!

  • Sell & Showcase My Creations: Alongside hosting workshops, I also plan to use this space to sell my art, connect with clients and showcase my latest creations.

  • Collaborate With Local Artists: "The sum is greater than the sum of its parts." Our artist community is built with each other and I plan to bring in other artists into this space to co-host workshops. I also plan to have mini-markets to give artists an opportunity to share their creations with the community.

  • Amplify AAPI Artists: I will dedicate a section of the studio specifically for highlight other AAPI artists and small businesses that rotates every month!

  • Offer Studio Membership: This art studio space is an opportunity for not just me, but other ceramic artists to work in as well. I'm imagining having a membership option for other ceramic artists to use the space, pottery wheels, and kiln.

  • Give Back To Our Local Art Community: My art teachers gave me the tools to unlock my artistic side and much the same way, I'd like to give back to the future generation of artists. This art studio will be the hub to collect donations of art supplies for the local art community and school art programs in West LA.

  • Grant An Apprentice Opportunity: Knowledge if power and spread the wealth! This mentorship program is designed to provide guidance and support to an upcoming graduating artist student. They will work alongside me in my studio and I will teach them all that I've learned in the last few years of being a full-time artist and running my own business and studio.
Winning this prize money feels like a win for the whole community. This fund make the painted illustrations in my mind into reality.

This prize money will be used directly to support the creation of this art studio space in every way. It will be used to find the perfect space that will attract a diverse group of people of all ages, cultivate an artist community and spark curiosity and joy through the power of art.

It will be used to buy all equipment and supplies like a kiln, pottery wheels, canvases, workstation tables, shelves, etc. It will be used towards events and mini markets. It will be used to connect with the community and market this art studio for others to enjoy it as well!

Above all, I hope to inspire others with the power of art and create a safe space that sparks joy and curiosity in everyone who comes into the Cruz Creations Art Studio!
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Are there any prizes for the top person who votes the most for Cruz Creations?
YES! If you are the top voter for Cruz Creations at the end of voting, you will receive your very own Cruz Creations masterpiece of your choice. More details of this outlined on my Instagram. Follow here.
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