David LevillMusic Producer + Sound Designer
Born in Argentina
For the past 10 years, I have worked in music production, sound design, mixing, and mastering audio for games, artists, and my own music as an artist. Currently, I am building my community on web3, using decentralized technology to create NFT music, and helping and educating new artists to join and adopt this new technology.

  • Doorways +(Music and Sound Design - Saibot Studios) - Horror Game
The Underworld
The Holy Mountains Of Flesh

  • Hellbound +(Music and Sound Design - Saibot Studios) FPS Game "Doom Style"
Survival and History Mode

  • The Black Heart +(Music re work and mastering - Saibot Studios) - Fighting Game "Mortal Kombat Style"

  • Out of Bound +(Music production - Saibot Studios) - Puzzle Shotter

  • Hornblower [Stellaris spansion] +(Sound Design - Nimble Giant Entertainment for Paradox Interactive) "Coming Soon"
  • Metro Redux 2033 +(Sound Design - Nimble Giant Entertainment for 4A Games)

Music composition
Field Recordings
Music Production (Pre/Post)
Sound Design
Smart Contracts for Music
Artist Prod. Collabs
My Music
WEB3 Productions
Music Digital Collectibles
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