Jamee Cornelia
Jamee Cornelia
home of the dropouts
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sup dropouts 🤟🏾
I genuinely appreciate your support!
this will now be the home of the dropouts
drops announcements and more will be found here

I will also be dropping a song a week exclusively on this site
currently getting ready to meet up with the dropouts at

Below you can also find the pre sale link for ASDO Merch
NFT Holders claim pages to free stuff and token gated experiences coming soon

I love yall

this april I'm vloging everyday and
droping all the footage May 1st
a day after my birthday

This month I also have a show in Atlanta the 15th and 26th

as well as a Birthday Party in LA
April 29th

More info on everything coming soon subscribe for direct updates xD

hoping to drop new videos soon but until then check out the ones I have out for this album below

web3 wayne coming soon too 😈
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