Welcome to the Scary Kids Scaring Kids community
$SCARY Coin Holder Premium Discord Access
Hold 10+ $SCARY for premium access within our Discord. $SCARY holders receive early access to unreleased music, videos, limited merch, & much more.  The SKSK server is our home for the community and where we drop benefits to our supporters. Come hang with the band and join the fun.
Full instructions on how to link your account are within the server. 
Join the Scary Kids Scaring Kids official Discord HERE
What is $SCARY?
$SCARY is a social token that we launched on the Rally.io platform. Where Patreon, Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and 'Fan Clubs' never felt like a perfect fit for us, a Creator Economy does. The Creator Economy with Rally.io allows us to give back to a dedicated group with perks and benefits, but in a different way that also rewards that community and especially the most dedicated base.
What is Rally?
Rally is a platform on Ethereum for creators and their communities to build their own independent digital economies via social tokens & NFTs.
What is a social token?
Social tokens are a form of digital ownership that enable artists & their communities to utilize the blockchain for utility purposes
Is $SCARY a cryptocurrency?
Yes, social tokens are a type of cryptocurrency. Whereas Bitcoin and traditional crypto focuses on price, $SCARY is all about the community, the benefits you get for being a supporter, & creating our own economy.
How can I join?
You can purchase $SCARY HERE with a credit card or crypto.
There are various ways you can also EARN $SCARY. Stay tuned within the open Discord.
What can I do with $SCARY?
By holding $SCARY you are part of the community & directly supporting SKSK. $SCARY gives you access to premium Discord channels, exclusive content, limited merch, & more. $SCARY can also be used to purchase SKSK items in our Store.
What about the environment?
Rally is an eco-friendly alternative for minting social tokens & NFTs. Click here to learn more.