FAQCommon questions and their answers
What is the Unseen Club?
The merch is music. 

This is more than buying a hoodie. This is your ticket into the Unseen Club. It’s your ticket to becoming part of the future of fashion and music.  

The Unseen Club is a first-of-its-kind apparel drop. Not only does it bring a group of fans closer to an artist than ever, but it also allows the Unseen Club to benefit and grow from the popularity of a song. 

Think of the owners of this Unseen Club hoodie as a modern-day street marketing team, helping grow the popularity of the song while claiming rewards for doing so. The club also gets access to exclusive content related to the song.

What is a hoodie token? And How do I claim it?
The ‘Hoodie Token’ is your on-chain certificate of authenticity. This proves that you hold your hoodie and allows us to make sure you gain access to the exclusive rights and music associated with your hoodie.

Holding this token in your wallet lets us know which wallet owns the hoodie, and will allow us to reward you with exclusive NFTs and Content from angelbaby.

What is the IYK chip and how does it work?
The IYK chip creates a gateway to exclusive content through your hoodie.
It is located in the Teal woven patch on the front of the Hoodie. Tap the chip with your phone and click on the link that comes up to unlock the full Unseen Club experience.

How do I claim my benefits from this hoodie?
The ‘Unseen Club’ Hoodie is a first-of-its-kind apparel item that earns rewards from Forever Edition mints to all owners.

Think of the Unseen Club as a Street Promoter team, as the success of the song grows, so can the ETH in your wallet. You are all a team promoting this together.

After you claim your Hoodie token you will be able to redeem rewards from the Forever Edition mintsi by connecting your wallet to tokenbound. More information on this will be announced.
How do I claim my rewards from my hoodie?
Visit 0xSplits and connect the wallet that owns your Hoodie Token to claim.

Claim rewards!
Can I buy my hoodie with crypto?
Yes! ETH will be accepted.
How do I receive the song on-chain?
When you claim your Hoodie Token by tapping the chip on your hoodie, you receive the Hoodie Token.

Once you have officially received the hoodie token you will instantly airdropped your limited version of Song for Unseen.

How many versions of the song will I receive?
There will be three versions of the song exclusive to hoodie holders! Keep your eyes on angelbaby’s Twitter (X) to see when they come.
How do I access the exclusive music?

On Certain dates, new versions of the song will unlock EXCLUSIVELY for hoodie token holders. We’ll be announcing when those dates are.

This exclusive unlock will happen through BEAMS, a new sort of content distribution system through the IYK chip.

How does the sizing run?
See the Sizing Chart HERE.
There are 100 editions for sale but 130 on Sound.xyz - Why?
We reserved versions for artists who worked on the project, the hume team and for our future reserve.
When do I receive the song?
You will receive your exclusive version of ‘song for the unseen’ as soon as you claim the hoodie ownership token.

When can I expect to receive the hoodie?
U.S. Based Shipping should take 1 week or less.

International Shipping could take up to 2-3 weeks.

When do I have to claim my hoodie token?
It’s best to do it it as soon as you get your hoodie! You can tap the Chip, Claim your hoodie token, and receive the song at any time. The quicker you claim your hoodie token the faster you can take part in rewards for promoting the song.
Have a question that’s not covered?
You can email us at support@wearehume.com or reach out via socials.