MUSIC NFTsCollecting music, like art.

Violetta is holding the torch for the new chapter
of the music industry. 

With her music NFTs, she rewards her holders with deeper access to her world, in a way that goes beyond just the music, creating a real synergy between herself and the receivers of her music.

The community shares part of the artist’s success,
as well as getting access to Violetta's abilities
for services they may need in their business
or simply, as music lovers. 


MOONSHOT is Violetta's first music NFT album
collection, launched in April 2022.

It is based on 5 songs written by Violetta
and 2500 unique, hand-drawn artworks
by Giuseppe Zironi (Violetta's dad), a
renowned Disney illustrator for over 30 years.

For every Moonshot you hold, you'll get
a free mint from the next music NFT
collection from Violetta, and weekly
Zoom concerts for holders only.

Another Life is Violetta's second music collection.

5 original songs captured live using tape
machines from the 1950s, each paired with
one of the 5200 PFPs ( illustrated by Italian
artist Arianna Rea - Disney).

Another Life is your access pass to
a series of unique perks, such as
free private concert bookings and custom songs.
Moonshot full album
As a reward, the Moonshot holders were able to mint a free 11 55 NFT with the full Moonshot album.

Holders of 9 frames minted a very rare acoustic version of the record, with sketch artwork.

This is the easiest way to listen to the music all the way through, just like a digital vinyl.
We believe everyone should have one :)
Another Life full album

The Moon Band is a collection of 5 different 11 55 NFTs, containing each the full Another Life album.
It was initially minted for free by holders of Another Life NFTs.
They each represent the 5 members of the band that played in the record.
The only human one contains the Piano version of the record.

Think of it like a digital vinyl, where you can listen to the complete EP.
We believe everyone should have one :)

Gypsy Heart Mint Pass
The Gypsy Heart mint passes are 1000 tokens to hold for special occasions.

Violetta will reward the pass holders with surprises and special things over the years, to reward them for their support.
Handmade Songs

Handmade Songs is Violetta's genesis singles collection.

Minted only 2 weeks after her discovery
of Web3, the collection sold out immediately
generating over 10 ETH.

This collection grants you access to
all Violetta's future drops.
Single NFTs on Sound.xyz
Violetta has dropped 3 single songs on the music NFT platform Sound. The total supply for each is only 25.

The art is hand drawn by Violetta's father Giuseppe Zironi.